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The List Of Nominees For 2019 North Carolina Boxing Awards

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HERE IS THE LIST OF NOMINEES PRESENTED BY FANS FOR THE 2019 CBOXINGINFO.COM NORTH CAROLINA BOXING AWARDS Raleigh, North Carolina (December 27) – We said we would announce this on Christmas Day, so forgive our tardiness. But, like the 2019 year in North Carolina Boxing, the voting was different. We requested fan votes in specific categories but ended up receiving a plethora of votes for a “NEW” category and zero votes for the Newcomer category. We have changed the Newcomer of the year category to Amateur fighter of the year. While late, here are your fan-selected nominees for the 2019 North Carolina Boxing Awards. (We Will leave the voting open until December 31, 2019). During this period, All Votes must be submitted via our Social media DM @cboxinginfo or emailed to 2019 Nominations: Fighter of the YearAlberto Palmetta, Joseph Jackson, LaVonte Earley, Michael Williams Jr., Noel “The Holy Fire” Echevarria Fight of the YearJo-el Caudle vs. Johnnie Langston, Michael Williams Jr vs. Lashawn Alcocks, Alberto Palmetta vs Jeremy Bryan, Noel Echevarria vs. Cody Wilson Trainer of the YearAdam Esposito, Danny Akers, Kenny Williams, Remy Fullwood, Tim Gregory Round of the YearRound 8 of Michael Williams Jr vs. Lashawn Alcocks, Round 8 Alberto Palmetta vs Marko Bailey, Round 2 Noel Echevarria vs. Vernon Alston Manager of the YearGardner Payne, Cameron Harvey Newcomer of the Year has been replaced by Amateur Fighter Of The YearKika Jackson, Javeon “JRock” Taylor, Christopher Simmons Prospect of the YearStevie Massey, LaVonte Earley Event of the YearChristy Martin Show Feb 23 in Charlotte, One Empreus Show Feb 8 in Raleigh, Walter Johnson Show Sept 17 in Greensboro Promoter of the Year – Christy Martin, Walter Johnson, LaVonda Earley Most Inspirational (Person or Organization who has had the greatest positive impact on the North Carolina Boxing community through their passion, generosity of time, knowledge, teaching, or philanthropy) – Women Of The Carolina Fight Life, Chris Williams, Walter Waite, Kenny Williams (Pride Boxing) The voting will remain open until December 31, 2019. During this period, All Votes must be submitted via our Social media DM @cboxinginfo or emailed to Congratulations to All of the Nominees and THANK YOU to all the fans participating in the 2019 North Carolina Boxing Awards.

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