In 2018, Payne Boxing and veteran coach and trainer, Luis "Chiro" Perez, partnered together to open the Payne Boxing Training Camp in Fort Lauderdale, Florida giving professional boxers from around the world the opportunity to train with world class boxers in a constructive, supportive and competitive environment. The camp includes a gym and training facility along with a camp house allowing the fighters the opportunity to live and train together and support each other in their journey to become world champions.  In addition to access to elite coaching, camp trainers also work with boxers on the proper diet, sleep habits, stretching and other tools to help them realize their complete athletic potential. Payne Boxing Camp has a partnership with the World Famous 5th Street Gym in Miami, providing fighters at both gyms with elite sparring.


Luis "Chiro" Perez oversees all training and coaching at the Payne Boxing Camp.  Chiro started his career working the corner for most of Don King's fighters and training fighters at the World Famous 5th Street Gym. Chiro has worked with numerous world champions including, but not limited to Roy Jones, Jr. Paulie Malignaggi, Vicente Mosquera, Ada Velez, Guillermo Jones, Trevol Bryan, Francisco Palacios and many others. Over his career, Chiro has worked the corner in over 25 World Champion bouts.

Luis 'Chiro' Perez

Head Coach

Earl 'Ramone' Hayes

Conditioning + Nutrition Coach



Alberto Puello

Felix Valera

Alberto Palmetta

Hector Garcia

Juan Pena

Frency Fortunato

Emmanuel Torres

Jason Vera

Francisco Palacios

Kelvin King

Noel Cepeda 

Isaac Perez-Santos

Juan Carlos Carrillo