Professional boxer Marcos Escudero embodies the spirit of harnessing one’s own destiny.  Through life’s trials and inevitable bumps, the young athlete has always met challenges, large and small, head-on. 


Born in 1993, the Argentinian had his sights set on one goal growing up, and it was a goal with a net, rather than an achievement marked by a championship belt around his waist.  Like many of his countrymen, Escudero, mentored by his Grandfather, aggressively pursued his dream of becoming a professional soccer star.  


Raised by his single mother and his grandfather in the farming community of General Arenales, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Escudero was born into humble beginnings. The oldest of seven children, his youth was punctuated by poverty and times of uncertainty.  These difficult years, embedded in his psyche, would form the foundation for Escudero’s fierce independent spirit and his desire to live life on his own terms.


At 19, Escudero, increasingly tempted into street fights and trouble, opted to make a change and pursue a career as an athletic coach.  A fellow coach suggested he give boxing a try, and as his friend had suggested he would be, Escudero was a natural.  It was during this time that the young fighter was rocked by the death of his grandfather.  The only father figure Escudero had known growing up died of cancer, but not before imparting his wish that the young fighter accomplish his dreams, which now included becoming a world champion prizefighter.

The light heavyweight quickly made waves on the amateur scene, competing nationally and internationally, and gaining invaluable life experience along the way.  In 2014, Escudero would become the national champion in Argentina, and leverage that experience to gain entry to an amateur tournament in Miami, Florida, which would one day become his home. 


In the back of his mind, even while traveling to Canada, Mexico and the United States, a nagging worry remained – with nobody to depend on, would be he be able to sustain himself until he “made it” in the world of professional boxing? It was a sensation he’d experienced from childhood – wondering where his next meal would come from.  Over the years, with experience that belied his young age, the fear subsided, but like a shadow, it followed him.


After a brief amateur career, Escudero made a brave move.  In 2017, he arrived in Florida to embark on his journey as a professional boxer.  He knew no one in “The Magic City.”  He’d left his family and friends behind in Argentina and moved into a hostel while he found his bearings, and eventually his boxing home in Florida.  In June, 2017, Escudero impressed in his professional debut, knocking out southpaw Eric Abraham just over a minute into the fourth round of their bout. 


In April of the following year, the ring announcer who announced Escudero’s third bout, a second round knockout, connected him with Gardner Payne of Payne Management.  Impressed by the young man’s poise both in and out of the ring, Payne added him to his management roster. 


In a world where so many allow life’s circumstances to dictate their paths, Marcos Escudero has chosen to walk his own road, on his own terms.  So far, it has led him to a life of independence, a national championship, a perfect professional resume, and, if history is any indication, it will next see Marcos snatching a championship belt from his old friend, Destiny.


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