In a sweltering, non-descript boxing gym in West Palm Beach, Florida, Alberto “Beto” Palmetta toils alone, preparing to step under the bright lights of an arena boxing ring once again.  Home and family are over 4,000 miles away in Argentina, but the miles between them serve as another lesson for the eternal learner.


The southpaw is guided by the lessons of his father, who allowed him to pursue the sweet science only under the condition that he maintain his studies.  He’s driven to success by his Argentinean boxing coach’s words, which run through his head, guiding him through sport and life. At 14, Palmetta joined a friend at a boxing gym, and his destiny was set.  He resolved to become a world champion.

First, though, he would perform on the world’s largest stage, representing Argentina in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  Amassing over 120 bouts over the course of his amateur career, he was highly decorated both in his home country, and internationally, and was the captain of the Argentinian National Amateur team for eight years. 

It was an amateur career punctuated by life-altering events.  In 2014, Palmetta was rocked when he was informed that his mother had a brain tumor.  For six months, until she was declared cancer-free, he balanced his studies, training, and caring for his mother.

When many of his peers were focusing 100% of their attention on boxing, Palmetta continued his studies, earning a bachelor’s degree Physical Education from the University of Lujan INEF.  While perfecting his craft for the Olympics, the consummate learner was poised to become the professor.   

With the Olympics behind him, it was time for Palmetta to enter the professional ranks. As he embarked on his pro career, with a November 2016 debut his home country that ended in a third round knockout win, he also began teaching Physical Education in schools.  During the day, he taught and mentored kids, some of whom had uninvolved or uninterested parents.  Palmetta soaked in the experience, and quickly realized the impact that a coach has on his trainee.  While the kids taught him resilience and the importance of taking feedback and direction, he taught them about life – how they should behave, and what values were important. At night, he trained with his own mentor, Jorge Ochendusky, who prepared Palmetta for what would eventually be a big step toward his dream of winning a world championship.

In May, 2018, the welterweight was at a crossroads.  His record was 7-1, and if he were going to pursue the highest levels of boxing, he would need to relocate to the world hub of boxing, the United States of America.  He followed a fellow boxer to West Palm Beach, and began training with Lou Martinez. The two introduced him to Gardner Payne, CEO of Payne Boxing, LLC, who was impressed by his self-driven need for improvement, and obvious skill and experience.  Together, the team began the next stage of learning for the 28 year old fighter – a run for the title. 



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